General conditions of sale and rental




The lease is granted for a period fixed in the SPECIAL TERMS of this contract.


The amount of rent, charges and deposit is indicated in the SPECIAL CONDITIONS section of this contract.

A deposit to reserve the accommodation can be requested previously.

The return of all or part of the deposit will take place within eight days after the establishment of the inventory of places of exit and the handing over of the keys at the end of the stay and will depend on the state of the housing.

  1. HOURS

    1. Arrival times are normally scheduled from 16:00.

    2. Departure times are normally scheduled before 12:00.

    3. Customized development may be granted by the lessor.


    1. From the tenant:

  • Maximum cancellation 48 hours after the reservation: the tenant recovers his deposit paid.

  • Cancellation 48 hours after and 15 days before the reservation: the tenant recovers 50% of his deposit paid.

  • Cancellation 14 days before the booking date: the tenant loses all of his deposit.

    1. From the Lessor:

  • Within seven days of the withdrawal, he must pay the equivalent of the deposit to the tenant.

    1. Special cases :

  • By mutual agreement, a later booking date will be reprogrammed. In this case, an amendment to the lease will be made.

  • If a delay of more than 10 hours to the date of arrival has not been excused or reported, except in special cases, the lessor may rightfully try to re-let the accommodation while retaining the option to keep the deposit paid upon reservation.


The tenant is obliged:

  1. To pay the rent on the agreed terms. The payment in its entirety is of right if the tenant makes the request.

  2. To use peacefully rented premises respecting their contractual destination.

  3. To respond to any damage or loss occurring during the term of the contract in the premises of which he has exclusive rights, unless he proves that they occurred by force majeure, by the fault of the lessor or by the fact one third that he did not introduce into the housing.

  4. Obligation to occupy the premises personally, to live “as a good father” and maintain them. All facilities are in working order and any claim concerning them occurring more than 24 hours after the entry into the enjoyment of the premises, can not be admitted. Repairs made necessary by negligence or poor maintenance during the rental, will be the responsibility of the tenant. Obligation to ensure that the tranquility of the neighborhood is not disturbed by the fact of the tenant.

  5. La Cabane à Papi is rented furnished with kitchen equipment, crockery, glassware, quilt and pillows, as they are in the descriptive state attached. If necessary, the owner or his representative will be entitled to claim from the tenant, at his departure, the price of cleaning the rented premises (fixed at a flat rate of 50 € uros), the total value at the replacement price of the objects, furniture or equipment broken, cracked, chipped or damaged and those whose wear exceeds normal for the duration of the lease, the price of cleaning the quilt and pillows made dirty, compensation for damage of any kind whatsoever , about curtains, painting, ceilings, carpets, windows, bedding, etc …

  6. The tenant agrees to insure against the rental risks (liability insurance) as an example water damage, fire, severe breakage. The lack of insurance, in case of disaster will give rise to damages.

  7. The deposit must be paid by check payable to Mr and Mrs BOUCHER, not cashed, delivered the day of handing over the keys. It will be returned no later than 8 days after the departure of the tenant except in case of detention.


  1. Please do not smoke in La Cabane à Papi

  2. Avoid sunscreens and body oils in the Jacuzzi

  3. Mobile phone is not allowed in the Jacuzzi

  4. Please do not move the plancha on the wooden terrace

  5. Essential oils are allowed in the Sauna

  6. Animals are not allowed

  7. Respect the place, its fauna and flora

  8. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of La Cabane à Papi


It is expressly agreed that in the absence of payment at the agreed term of all or part of the rent, the security deposit, this rental will be terminated automatically.


In the absence of a state of entry or exit from the premises established voluntarily and in contradiction, the most diligent party is entitled to have one drawn up by a shared-cost bailiff.

In the absence of an inventory, the presumption of article 1731 of the Civil Code can not be invoked by that of the parties which has obstructed its establishment.


For the performance of the obligations referred to in this contract, the lessor elects domicile in his residence and the tenant in the rented premises.


For any information or any information, do not hesitate to contact us

Le Seignal 24240 Thénac

06 81 65 85 37

About us

In a green setting overlooking the valley of the Dordogne Purple, La Cabane à Papi has landed under a pioneer of half a century south facing, on a fenced 8000m2.